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Dental Crowns – Rock Hill, SC

Natural-Looking & Reliable Tooth Repair

Do you have a badly decayed tooth? Did you injure or crack one of your pearly whites in an accident? In these cases, it’s important to repair the tooth right away so that you can continue eating and speaking without pain, and without putting yourself at risk of future damage or infection. Dr. Coombs and Dr. Ross offer custom-made dental crowns for natural-looking and reliable tooth repair to strengthen your compromised smile.  Contact our dental office right away to learn more about dental crowns and if you could benefit from one.

Why Choose Coombs & Ross Family Dentistry For Dental Crowns?

  • Beautiful Metal-Free Restorations for Seamless Results
  • One-Visit CEREC Crowns Available
  • Same-Day Emergency Appointments for Patients in Pain

What Is a Dental Crown?

Animated dental crown placement

A dental crown is a common restoration that is made to cover one tooth, bringing it back to a healthy shape and size, restoring its strength, and protecting it from further damage. It is cemented so that it fully covers the part of the tooth that’s visible above the gum line. You might receive a dental crown if you have a tooth that has been broken, cracked, or weakened by decay. A crown can also be placed for cosmetic reasons, such as to hide teeth that are severely discolored.

While some crowns are made of metal, we also offer all-ceramic restorations that can be shaded to match the natural color of your other teeth. You’ll be able to smile with confidence without worrying that someone will notice that you had dental work done!

The Process of Getting a Dental Crown

Closeup of woman getting a dental crown in Rock Hill

Once we’ve determined that a dental crown is the best choice for you, we’ll prepare your tooth. This includes removing any decayed tissue, roughening up the surface, and removing a layer of enamel to make room for the crown. We’ll numb your mouth first to ensure this whole process is as comfortable as possible. Then, we’ll take impressions of the tooth, which will be used as blueprints for crafting your permanent restorations.

In some cases, you’ll wear a temporary crown for a few weeks until returning to our office to have your permanent crown cemented in place. Other times, we’ll be able to use our advanced CEREC technology to design, craft, and mill your final restoration right here in our office. In just about an hour, your permanent crown will be ready to restore your smile!

Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

Woman smiling after dental crown restoration

A crown will restore the appearance of a damaged tooth and bring it back to full strength so that you can safely use it to chew and speak again. Also, badly broken teeth that can’t be repaired with just a filling can be held together using a crown. If there’s a small amount of space between your teeth, or if their position needs to be slightly corrected, a crown can help address the issue.

Remember, enamel cannot repair itself, and acts as the protective shell around the pulp of your tooth. Leaving a cracked, broken, weakened, or decayed tooth untreated only increases the risk of bacteria finding its way inside your tooth and infecting it. Getting a dental crown now could save you from needing a root canal or tooth extraction in the future.