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Teeth Whitening – Rock Hill, SC

We Can Brighten Your Smile in Record Time!

family of four smiling after teeth whitening in Rock Hill

A set of perfectly white teeth is something that just about everyone wants. Unfortunately, circumstances like aging and consumption of too much coffee or tea over the years can result in your pearly whites not looking as pearly white as you would like them to. At this point, many patients try over-the-counter toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels, and strips to brighten their smiles, but in most cases, these products simply can’t deliver the results that professional teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist can. At Coombs, Ross & Sourlis Family Dentistry, our dentists can use either in-office or take-home teeth whitening for Rock Hills, SC dental patients to deliver the perfect smile you deserve. Give us a call today to learn more!

How In-Office Teeth Whitening Works

woman getting in-office teeth whitening

If you want to achieve dramatic results quickly, you might benefit from in-office whitening. Generally, this appointment takes less than an hour. First, we isolate your teeth to protect your tongue, lips, gums, and cheeks from becoming irritated by the bleaching gel. Then we apply the gel, which is incredibly potent compared to store-bought products, to your teeth. Once the gel is activated with a special light, it begins breaking down the stain molecules in your enamel. When we wipe off the gel, the stains come right off with it! We can repeat this process two or three times until you’re satisfied with the results.

How Take-Home Teeth Whitening Works

take-home teeth whitening trays and container of bleaching gel

Take-home whitening can be used to supplement in-office whitening or independently to help you brighten your smile while relaxing at home. Using impressions we take of your teeth, we’ll make customized trays that will protect your soft tissues from irritation. Simply fill the trays with the bleaching gel and wear them for about half an hour each night. While you should notice a difference after just one treatment, most of our patients achieve optimal results after about two weeks of daily use.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

close up of woman pointing to her smile with white teeth

In addition to the more attractive smile you’ll see when looking in the mirror, professional teeth whitening offers the following benefits:

  • A quicker way to achieve results that last
  • A confidence boost
  • Less soft tissue irritation
  • Decreased chance of sensitivity
  • Personalized solution made with your comfort in mind

How to Maintain Your Results

Although no teeth whitening treatment is permanent, there are some easy ways you can make sure your results last a long time. For the first 48 hours after either in-office or take-home whitening, your enamel will be extra absorbent. Because of this, you should avoid consuming dark foods or beverages that could discolor your teeth.

After the first couple of days, keeping your smile bright will generally only require practicing good oral health habits, such as daily brushing and flossing and visiting us for dental checkups twice a year. It’s still a good idea to limit your consumption of darkly pigmented foods and drinks, but you don’t have to remove them entirely from your diet. Brush your teeth after eating or drinking them, or, at the very least, swish some water around in your mouth to remove staining particles. By following these simple suggestions, your newly brightened smile can last for several months or even years before you need a touch-up.