6 Holiday Dental Emergencies and Tips For How To Handle Them

December 6, 2019

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Dealing with a painful dental emergency is never fun, but holiday dental emergencies are especially inconvenient. After all, the holidays only come around once a year, and you should be enjoying yourself instead of dealing with pain! If an unexpected dental problem arises, start by calling an emergency dentist in Rock Hill. From there, use the following 6 tips to stay comfortable until you can be seen. 

1. Knocked-Out Tooth

Being seen within an hour is your best chance of saving your tooth, so the first step is calling an emergency dentist. If you can’t get dental care within that timeframe, go to an urgent care center or hospital. 

In the meantime, rinse off the tooth, handling it by the crown only, not the root. Don’t wipe it or scrub it with any type of cloth. Ideally, you can put the tooth back in its socket, facing the right way. If that isn’t possible, either hold it in your cheek pouch or put it in a glass of milk. Although you must keep the tooth moist, only use tap water as a last resort. 

2. Lost Dental Crown 

If you’ve lost a permanent or temporary crown, first rinse it off and let it dry. Then use a small dab of dental cement from the store, denture adhesive or toothpaste to put it back on your tooth. Don’t use any other type of glue because it can cause damage that makes the dentist’s job more difficult later on. Chew on the opposite side until your appointment. 

3. Partially Dislodged or Loose Tooth 

For pain, gently hold a cold compress to your cheek or lip and take over-the-counter pain medication as directed. Chew on the opposite side until you can be seen by a dentist in Rock Hill.  

4. A Chipped Tooth or Lost Filling 

If you have a sharp edge, cover it with dental wax from the store. If you’re in pain, use over-the-counter pain medication as directed. To prevent the tooth from chipping or breaking again, don’t eat anything hard or crunchy until it’s repaired. 

5.  Toothache

Start by swishing with lukewarm salt water every 2-3 hours. To reduce pain and inflammation further, apply a cold compress and take over-the-counter pain medication as directed until your appointment. 

6. An Infection or Abscess

A severe toothache may be accompanied by an infection or abscess, which often shows up as facial swelling or a pimple-like bump on the gums. It’s very important to get medical or dental attention as soon as possible to keep the infection from spreading, so go to the ER or an urgent care center if you can’t make it to a dentist. If necessary, they can at least prescribe antibiotics until you can get dental care. For immediate pain relief, use over-the-counter pain medication and apply a cold pack to the area in 20-minute increments. 

Holiday dental emergencies can make you feel less-than-festive in a hurry. These tips will help you feel better fast and get back to enjoying the season ASAP! 

About the Author

Dr. Paul Coombs is a general and emergency dentist in Rock Hill and graduate of Medical University of South Carolina. With decades of experience, the latest technology, and a gentle touch, he can quickly treat any type of emergency and get his patients out of pain fast. If you’re having a dental emergency or have any questions, he can be reached via his website.  

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