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What are the Complications of Ill-Fitting Dentures?

January 4, 2023

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Broken and ill-fitting dentures

At first, you might not think ill-fitting dentures are a big deal. After all, they’re prosthetic teeth that aren’t a natural part of your mouth. How could they cause any real trouble? In truth, though, dentures that don’t fit well can cause various oral health problems. Left alone, they could do serious harm to your mouth. If you’d like to learn how that’s possible, your Rock Hill dentist can explain. Here is a summary of five complications from poorly-fitted dentures.

Swollen Gums

Dentures usually sit comfortably against your gum tissue. However, they can cause your gums to swell when they don’t fit properly.

You see, dentures rub unnaturally against gums if they don’t fit your mouth’s contours. In doing so, the resulting friction and pressure cause swelling and gum irritation. From there, wearing dentures makes these swollen gums more likely to bleed or get hurt.


Besides swelling them, poorly-fitted dentures can also inflame your gums. In most cases, this inflammation translates into sensitivity and soreness.

Sore gums are especially troublesome if you already have a TMJ disorder. Since the latter causes pain in the jaw joint and surrounding tissue, it can worsen gum irritation. This process is quite painful when allowed to progress.

Damage to Other Teeth

A poor fit may cause extra risks to your oral health if you use dentures alongside natural teeth.

The issue is that partial dentures grate against regular teeth if not secured. Such grating can result in discomfort, thinner enamel, and even tooth chips or cracks. This damage can then lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss.


Since dentures with poor fits rub against your mouth, they can trigger blisters. These fluid pockets normally cause extreme discomfort and raise your risk of oral damage. They can also result in infections leading to worse gum disease stages.


As you might know, it’s normal to struggle with eating as you adjust to dentures. Unfortunately, dentures that fit poorly from the start (or do so gradually) unbalance your diet. Should that happen, the forced changes to your meals could lead to malnutrition and many other health concerns.

In the end, ill-fitting dentures aren’t a laughing matter. See your dentist at once if you have them!

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