What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Have Your Denture Relined

January 12, 2024

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Modern dentures are incredibly lifelike and comfortable, but they need to be adjusted periodically to keep fitting properly. After tooth loss, the jaw and gums will change shape as they grow and develop, and a pair of dentures that once fit perfectly may start slipping about in the mouth, irritating its soft tissues, and causing difficulty during day-to-day life. Thankfully, denture relines allow your dentist to adjust your dentures so they fit properly again. Here’s what you should know about denture relines and what you should expect when getting one.

Why Would I Need a Denture Reline?

When you get your dentures, your dentist takes your bite impression so they can build the appliance according to your mouth’s precise measurements. This allows your dentist to create a comfortable and lifelike restoration of your teeth. However, the mouth will continue to change after tooth loss. Without having the teeth to stimulate them during the chewing process, the jawbones and gums will begin to atrophy and recede. Eventually, the dentures will no longer fit properly.

Wearing loose dentures can cause them to rub against or pinch sensitive tissues within the mouth, leading to sores, irritation, and even infection. Dentures that cannot hold their place in the mouth can trap food underneath them, which can lead to infection, or make it difficult to eat or speak. In some cases, a denture can fall out of the user’s mouth when they are in the middle of saying something.

How Does a Denture Reline Work?

During a denture reline, your dentist will place additional material at the points where your dentures make contact with your gums and adjust your modified appliance until it fits properly. This will compensate for any bone loss in the jaw and allow your dentures to fit securely within your mouth. There are two types of denture relines:

Hard denture relines

During a hard denture reline, your dentist will place rigid material along the inside of your dentures. This creates a durable adjustment and allows you to wear your dentures comfortably again. These adjustments will usually take a few days to complete, so be prepared to go a while without your dentures. These should take place every two years or as recommended.

Soft denture relines

A soft denture reline involves placing a softer gel-like material at the points where the denture makes contact with the gums. While this adjustment is not as durable as a hard reline, it can usually be completed in a single day and can be ideal for patients with sensitive mouths or who are recovering from oral surgery.

Denture relines can restore your denture’s good fit. By knowing what to expect when getting one, you can feel a little more comfortable with the process.

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