There’s Always a Reason: Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction

March 14, 2024

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Dental forceps holding an extracted tooth

So, your dentist suggests that you get a tooth extracted? It’d be best if you listen – they wouldn’t recommend that treatment lightly. Still, you could easily wonder why you need such dental work. Just what factors would make tooth removal the better choice for your smile? Well, your dental practice knows a few things that could end with this drastic option. Read on to learn four major reasons why you may need a tooth extraction.

Your Mouth is Too Crowded

Dentists don’t only extract unhealthy teeth. Sometimes, they must remove a tooth when your mouth is too crowded for it.

You see, teeth don’t always have enough room to fit. They can suffer from what’s called dental crowding – a lack of space that can twist or displace them. When this condition occurs, a dentist can extract a tooth so your mouth has room for the rest. You’ll then avoid a misaligned grin and sport a smile that’s nice and straight.

Your Tooth is Impacted

In some cases, a dentist must extract teeth that aren’t even visible. That usually applies when you have an impacted tooth.

Put simply, an impacted tooth can’t erupt through the gums. Several factors may keep it from emerging properly. Should that happen, the impacted tooth could damage your other teeth. Your dentist may suggest an extraction to prevent that outcome. The alternative is to face a worse risk of infection.

Your Tooth is Infected

Dentists often treat infected teeth with root canals. That said, they’ll have to extract a tooth when its infection gets too severe.

Sadly, an untreated tooth infection won’t just stay in your mouth. Its bacteria can spread and infect other body parts if enough time passes. A dentist would extract your infected tooth to prevent this scenario. If they didn’t, you’d be at serious risk of sepsis – a bodily response to the infection that threatens your life.

Your Gums are Diseased

Your gums usually work to preserve your teeth. So, you may need a tooth extraction when an infection reaches those tissues.

Over time, gum disease erodes your periodontal and bone tissues. These things act as supports that keep your teeth in place. Once they decline, a tooth (or more) could become loose. A dentist may then remove it to increase your comfort and combat the disease.

In the end, you may need a tooth extraction for various reasons. Talk to your local dentist to learn about factors besides those above.

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